Itching Ears

Itching Ears

How the most important Christian doctrines are rooted in Genesis

Doctrine is not something that is cold. It should be alive and vibrant. It is relevant, because it links the teaching of the Bible to everyday situations.

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About the Book
Genres: Creation, General Creation
Publisher: J6D Publications
Publication Year: 2010
Format: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 1499638191
List Price: $16
eBook Price: $5
About the Author
Paul F Taylor

Paul Taylor has been the Director of the Mount St Helens Creation Center since October 1st 2014.

Paul has been speaking on creation and apologetics, and against evolution, for over 35 years. He taught science in public (government) schools in the UK for nearly 20 years. He has worked with ministries such as Answers in Genesis and Creation Today, and has spoken in Britain, Ireland, Europe and across the United States, in churches and at conferences. He has authored nine books including The Six Days of Genesis, Itching Ears, and Don’t Miss the Boat.

Paul and his wife Geri have 5 children and 4 grandchildren between them.

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