Ten Shekels and a Shirt

This is a very important sermon, preached by Paris Reidhead. It is based on Judges 17. I think is is helpful for Christians to listen to this sermon, and it is one of a small number of classic sermons that I think everyone needs to hear.

Election 2015

Election 2015

Britain goes to the polls on Thursday May 7th 2015, in the most closely contested election ever, if the opinion polls are to be believed. So who should be elected? Unlike the United States, where only the 2 biggest parties seem to get members elected, Britain has a number of sizable alternative parties to the…

Cliffords Tower, York

England’s Auschwitz

I once read an article that suggested that the Holocaust could only have happened in Germany; that there was something uniquely bad about the German people. That is untrue. There certainly is something uniquely bad about each individual German person – and each individual British, American, Japanese, Nigerian, Brazilian – in fact, every person in…

Oxfam website screenshot

Oxfam in their True Colors – Red

Oxfam is a British registered charity – a little like a 501c3 company here. So, in choosing a political color for them, I am not using the American choice of colors, where red represents Republicans. In Britain, the color red is clearly associated with one type of political position – left-wing socialism. Oxfam has a…


Andrae Crouch

I was saved as a teenager, and was very much into music. However, I had eclectic musical tastes, trained in classical music, but loving good music of any form. So I devoured Contemporary Christian Music of various forms. One name in CCM that often came up was that of Andrae Crouch. So I got hold…

Fry or Cooper

Two Celebrities

The internet appears to be buzzing with celebrity news from both sides of the Atlantic. One celebrity is a national treasure in his own country. He is revered for his wholesome image, and his cerebral powers, combining humor with intelligence. And the news is that he is getting married. The other celebrity made his name…

Letters to the Thessalonians

Post-Tribulation Facebook Group

I have posted before about my concern that Christian Zionists have a habit of taking a pre-tribulation eschatology, whereas many post-tribulationists are taking an anti-Zionist position. To this end, I have started a new Facebook group that you might care to join. The group takes a Historic (post-tribulation) Pre-Millennial eschatology, with support for Christian Zionism.…

7 Wonders Museum

Looking Back

Better Christian leaders than I have their end of year messages planned well in advance. Many have probably been edited before December 1st. Me? It’s December 31st, and I thought I ought to get something out! So I will probably miss a lot – but what you get is genuine, even down to the typos.…