Genesis by Numbers

Second Episode of Genesis by Numbers

The second episode of my occasional teaching series, Genesis by Numbers, is now available on this website. The intention of the series is to produce low cost film expositions covering every chapter of Genesis. Because my Six Days of Genesis series is still available, I have started with Genesis 3. As I proceed, I am…


Genesis Bytes

This is the first of a new series of short films. Each film lasts just a couple of minutes, and includes comment on a particular topic. The videos are designed for people to share, and the YouTube code can easily be obtained.

Michael Gove

Creation Banned in UK Schools?

So has creation been banned from UK schools? Certainly, the news agencies, including Christian news sites, seem to think so. Well, the truth of the situation is a little more complicated than has been stated. Don’t get me wrong; I am not about to deny that teaching about creation has been banned from UK schools.…

50 questions

50 Questions

50 Questions Christians Can’t Answer! You reckon? I came across this set of questions recently. Apparently, these questions caused the author to lose his faith. Yet the answers to all the questions are readily available on the Internet. You see, the truth is that this author never had any real faith in the first place,…


Makin’ Do

Seeing the recent British TV series Land Girls being broadcast here in America on PBS reminded me that I was once part of a writing team for a musical about land girls,called Secrets. That was when I was a schoolteacher at Droylsden High School. The year is 1985. This is the opening chorus number, Makin’…



South Wales has some beautiful beaches. That was one of the joys of living in that corner of the United Kingdom. But, if I wanted a truly special day out for my kids, then it was worth making the journey to Rhossili, at the end of the Gower Peninsula. The beach seems to stretch for miles…

Book of Job

Spiritual Warfare in Job

I came across a quiz today on someone’s blog. The blogger is a well-known pastor. The quiz was actually an exam that they set for anyone who is being considered for the office of elder or deacon. Now, leaving aside the fact that this seems to be adding a qualification to he ones listed in…


Plagiarism? Not Deliberately

As I write this, another minor discussion about people plagiarizing material and passing it off as their own has emerged. Now deliberate plagiarism is unethical. But can plagiarism happen accidentally? I believe so. Indeed, I have written on this subject before. For example, I often use an illustration in my talks to do with the…

Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog: Episode 11

New Podcast Episode Walking the Dog is a podcast by Paul Taylor, on the Just Six Days website ( It features comment on creation, evolution, Genesis, apologetics, and anything else that randomly occurs to Paul. In this episode, Paul rambles on about young earth creationism, David Cameron and Sunday worship. To subscribe to this podcast,…

Letters to the Thessalonians

Letters to the Thessalonians

My new commentary on Paul’s two Letters to the Thessalonians is new available for purchase in my aStore. Both letters give information about the end times and the Second Coming of Jesus. Early church fathers all tended to take a Historic (Post-tribulation) Premillennial view, as being the obvious view clearly written in the text. I…