Oxfam website screenshot

Oxfam in their True Colors – Red

Oxfam is a British registered charity – a little like a 501c3 company here. So, in choosing a political color for them, I am not using the American choice of colors, where red represents Republicans. In Britain, the color red is clearly associated with one type of political position – left-wing socialism. Oxfam has a…


Andrae Crouch

I was saved as a teenager, and was very much into music. However, I had eclectic musical tastes, trained in classical music, but loving good music of any form. So I devoured Contemporary Christian Music of various forms. One name in CCM that often came up was that of Andrae Crouch. So I got hold…

Fry or Cooper

Two Celebrities

The internet appears to be buzzing with celebrity news from both sides of the Atlantic. One celebrity is a national treasure in his own country. He is revered for his wholesome image, and his cerebral powers, combining humor with intelligence. And the news is that he is getting married. The other celebrity made his name…

Letters to the Thessalonians

Post-Tribulation Facebook Group

I have posted before about my concern that Christian Zionists have a habit of taking a pre-tribulation eschatology, whereas many post-tribulationists are taking an anti-Zionist position. To this end, I have started a new Facebook group that you might care to join. The group takes a Historic (post-tribulation) Pre-Millennial eschatology, with support for Christian Zionism.…

7 Wonders Museum

Looking Back

Better Christian leaders than I have their end of year messages planned well in advance. Many have probably been edited before December 1st. Me? It’s December 31st, and I thought I ought to get something out! So I will probably miss a lot – but what you get is genuine, even down to the typos.…

Nativity Star

The Christmas Star

One of the most unusual events, celebrated at Christmastime, is the account of the Christmas Star. This is mentioned in Matthew 2. But what was the event all about? It seemed to involve a star, and a group of Wise Men or Astrologers from the East. What an unusual mix? What can we make of…


Printers vs the Environment

I happen to have an Epson multi-function inkjet printer. It works well. But I have a complaint to make. And my complaint is not directed solely at Epson. I have used other printers in the past, and have come up against the same issue. The issue is to do with recycling. Epson claims to be…


Remembrance Day 2014

The British know how to perform solemn, sombre majestic ceremonies better than most. The Queen leads the tributes at the Cenotaph, as Britain commemorates those who gave their lives for our freedom. Among the members of the Royal Family who laid wreaths were the Duke of York, and Prince Harry, both of whom have seen…


Level 42: Lessons in Love

I found a great video of one of my favorite songs from this group of aging rockers. Did I ever mention that I was at the same school as keyboard player Mike Lindup – though obviously he was a lot older than me! (well, about a year older, anyway)

Guy Fawkes

A Plot to Overthrow the Government

It was a terrorist plot, that would have struck at the heart of government, had it succeeded, and would have set back the cause of freedom and religious liberty by a century. Or maybe you take the opposite view – because one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. The Head of State was due…